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1965 Ford F-100: “Old Blue”

My dad has graciously succumbed to my incessant pleading to hand over the keys to his 1965 Ford F-100 pickup. We’ve had the truck in our family for as long as I can remember. At various times, my two older brothers and I have each depended on this truck to step in and fill the role of reliable transportation whenever our own vehicles failed us. My father drove it 0.8 miles back and forth to work every day in it’s younger years. As much as it was a staple for it’s dependability, it evolved into an albeit distant member of the family. Sure, it’s seen better days, as you can tell from the early photographs here, but I’m thankful that I’ve got the opportunity to try and bring back some of it’s spark. For fear of getting a little too misty eyed, let’s move on to some details.

  • 22,000 miles (actual)
  • 352 V8 — My dad and I installed a 390 block in the mid-1980’s, keeping the original heads, intake, etc.
  • Cruise-o-matic transmission
  • Styleside, 115″ wheelbase, two wheel drive

Ideally, I’d like to fully restore it to near original condition, but with some crucial safety and comfort modernizations. In reality, a limited budget means that much of this won’t happen in the foreseeable future.

  • Mechanical
    • Power steering
    • Power brakes
    • Conversion from drums to four-wheel disc brakes
    • Rebuild the engine, hot tank, magnaflux, machining, the works.
    • Electronic ignition
    • New air conditioning system
    • New electrical wiring
  • Interior restoration
    • 3-point seat belts
    • Refurbish steering wheel, bench seat, carpet, headliner, dash, doors
    • Ideally, locate an original (or visually similar) radio.
  • Exterior restoration
    • New safety glass, refinished chrome, emblems, tailgate, mirrors
    • Rust removal
    • Two-tone paint
    • Original-style wheels

Obviously, this is a work in progress, but I’d like to post archival photos, notes, links, and documentation here as I go along, if only for my own purposes.


Initial Condition and Transporting

Some photos of my dad and I loading Old Blue onto the trailer.


Imitation is Flattery

A before and “hopefully after” representation of where Old Blue may be headed.


Photos of the Restoration Progress:


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