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Can AT&T hear me now?

Verizon iPhoneAT&T’s 3 year exclusive contract with Apple’s iPhone ends in roughly 190 days. That means, in about 191 days, AT&T will be a few million customers short. I cannot wait until I can give them the finger. So what if my contract isn’t up yet? I will gladly pay the early termination fee if it means I get a new iPhone that uses the Verizon/Sprint network. I’m sure AT&T will continue their absurd ad campaign asserting that Edge is really 3G and it can compete with CDMA EVDO Rev. A.

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  1. shelley says

    We were going to get iPhones this spring when our contract with tmobile is up. So I guess I should wait a little longer?????

  2. Greg says

    I would. Apple has WWDC scheduled on the three year anniversary of the first iPhone, and the Verizon folks are making all the appropriate noises.

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