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Greg is currently an iOS (iPhone/iPad) software developer at Oracle Corp.  Greg holds a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Texas at Dallas and was previously a professor at UTD, Southern Methodist University, and Collin College teaching Texas Politics, American Government, American Public Policy, and Campaigns and Elections courses.

Greg is married to Lorin and together they have Sofie their pre-teen daughter and the toddler-boy, Landrum. Greg spends much of his time developing apps for iPhones and iPads, like Fusion Tap at Oracle, on occasion, TexLege, and once upon a time, Open States for iOS. The rest of the time he enjoys spending time with Sofie, Landrum, and Lorin, whether at the movies, camping with Sofie and the Kessler Comanches, noodling on the Gretsch, working in the wood shop, tinkering on Old Blue, or just playing video games.

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