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Thank God we got this settled…


Jesus riding a dinosaur

Jesus riding a dinosaur

So it’s been said that the 81st regular session of the Texas House of Representatives would be a dull one.  The Speaker of the House is not Tom Craddick, much to everyone’s surprise, so no more Texas State Troopers storming the chamber to prevent a violent mutiny.  The public already knows about all the ghost voting, or as I like to call it “Surprise, Representative Alonzo, you’re now a Republican”, so there’s no more excitement there.  But little did we know that Representative Charlie Geren from Texas’ 99th district had a little nugget (nougat?) of legislative gold in store for us.  


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Porn Industry Stimulus Package

Woody as Larry

Larry Flynt (of Hustler Fame) is tired of seeing all this good money go to bad people, what with all these slick auto manufacturers rolling in the hay with our hard earned virgin taxes.  So, dear old Larry is looking for a little government assistance for something a little more near and dear to our hearts, or at least our loins… He’s asking for a measly $5 billion to help out the US porn industry.  Now some of you may shrug this off as excessive or just silly, but here’s some figures to ponder…



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Free Adam “Bullet Proof” Reposa

What a wanker

So Adam Reposa, heretofore known as “Bulletproof”, is criminal defense attorney in Austin. It just so happens he attended UT Law with Lorin. It just so happens Bulletproof has managed to get into a little stink with a Travis County Court judge when he made an obscene jester at the opposing prosecuting attorney. This “simulated masturbatory gesture” landed him a Contempt of Court charge as well as 90 days in jail.

Granted, if I ever find myself in a Travis County jailhouse after a heavy night of binge drinking and a few smashed up cars in my rearview mirror, I would probably give Bulletproof a ring.  It sounds like the prosecutor really pissed him off with some legal objection, so I’m sure it was a deserved response.  But still, I’m left wondering WTF?

 Here’s the original report from K-Eye News.  BP has since returned before the judge and “apologized” (with his middle finger, assuredly), but the judge followed through with a sentence of 90 days in jail.  Here are Bulletproof’s comments following the sentencing. My favorite quote:

“I’m not very good at looking contrite.  All I do is wake up in the morning and fight the government.”

The backlash is even more amusing, given his sudden prominence in a number of blogs, (including this one?) Please click on through at some awesome YouTube footage of his commercials.  What a guy.



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A Champion in the House of Representatives?

Capitol BuildingYou out there, if you’re listening, I need a friend in the Texas House of Representatives. In the next few months I’ll need to gain interviews with a few representatives in the Texas House, or even former members, former lobbyists, staffers, political insiders, or former speakers of the House. This has to do with my dissertation, so it’s purely academic research. I’m pretty certain I can grant any level of anonymity necessary to complete the interview.

It’s inherently political and therefore it’s something representatives would rather not go on the record about … hence the anonymity. I don’t want to go into details here, at least not yet, but if any of you have a friend of a friend in Austin who can lend me a hand in getting these interviews, I’d love to hear from you.

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Running in the UK

I’ve been at the University of Essex for a few days and I’ve got some free time in the mornings, so I’ve started running again … Thanks to Apple and Nike, here’s what I’ve done lately.

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